What We Do

Lunik is an innovative service technology company that specializes in creating strategic solutions to help clients achieve their goals. Our team of IT professionals work tirelessly to deliver top quality services and help improve operational efficiency, increase productivity, and drive revenue for our clients.

Technology is ever-changing, forcing us to constantly evolve and revise strategies at the speed of light. We pride ourselves on not just analyzing data, but optimizing by using advanced technologies and data-driven insights to identify areas of improvement and create solutions that deliver real results.

Infrastructure Services

We help guide you navigate through Linux, Windows, networks, virtualization, storage, domain acquisitions, cloud solutions and datacentre management, with ease.

Database Services

We provide database management services to Oracle, MS SQL Server, MySQL and latest non-relational databases technologies.


Our specialized team of system architects design rock-solid solutions for the most demanding clients.

Production Support Services

We monitor the availability of client systems and services and to make sure they are always up and running.

System Automation Services

Our System engineers perform integrations between systems, automate operational tasks and develop productivity tools.